Flashback Friday 02.20.09

Darling Sandwich Maker, how I loved thee!  In college, you were a staple.  Rarely did a day go by when you were unable to produce some sort of gooey sandwich-y goodness.  I hearken back to the days of studio, late nights and early mornings made joyous (or at least bearable) by the promise of some PB&J melting delectably between slices of bread.

Forget the stuff of infomercials; you were the stuff my ham ‘n’ cheese dreams were made of!  You were my “ramen.”  No Totino’s or baked potato months for this girl when I had you by my side.

Sammich 020709

Sandwich Maker, I salute you!

4 thoughts on “Flashback Friday 02.20.09

  1. I am taking it as a bad sign that you posted at 4:23am 🙂 Hopefully the three of you got some sleep! I have to say I am NOT looking forward to weaning Annie from the paci. I still have some time!

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