We May have to sleep in shifts tonight…

Yep, after 1 a.m., which wouldn’t phase me on a normal night.  Except for I went to bed a little after 11.  Anja, poor dear, is enduring a second go at weaning from her paci.  Husband is reading to her in the other room while I wait for the crying to begin anew.  She went down with probably only 10-15 minutes of crying, but upon awakening a little after midnight, has thrown a tantrum that has lasted upwards of an hour.

And if everything I read is correct, giving in now would only mean tantrums of this caliber forEVER, since she would now think that’s the way to get what she wants.  We have prayed many times tonight, but one more can’t hurt, right?  Lord, please teach her to soothe herself, and give us all rest and restoration.  Thank You.


2 thoughts on “We May have to sleep in shifts tonight…

  1. I hope this has gotten better already. We were through using a soother until the LG and I got to my parent’s place. it was the only way she’d fall asleep. So now we’re back into weaning her off it again. Oops.

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