It’s been a little over a year since I first picked up a DSLR. I can’t believe that’s all the longer it’s been, since I am so in love with photography now.

Back in the day, I was always the kid with the camera. I got a nice little point-and-shoot from my parents in 10th grade, and from then on I had it with me almost everywhere. I went through about two rolls (24 exposure) a month, which costs a LOT to develop. Patient, loving parents that they were, they nurtured this obsession, and I got doubles to give away to friends, too.

My point-and-shoot skills were just that–the ability to point and shoot. I never thought about framing an image (other than getting everyone in the photo with no heads cut off), and I always used my flash.

Fast forward to this time last year, when my husband was forcing me (yes, forcing, because I was lazy and didn’t want to learn) to use the Rebel in manual mode and focus manually, too. As soon as just a month later I was glad he had done so. I saw definite quality discrespancies on photoblogs between those who shot in JPG and those who shot in RAW. So I was sold early on.

Best for last, here, now that you’ve made it through all my drivel. I though it might be fun to look at some of my favorite images from last February and re-edit them now. Enjoy some before-and-afters! And my, hasn’t Anja changed?

Baby 8 021108

Baby 013008

Baby 5 021108

Baby 012508

Anja 9 021108

Baby 2 013008

And one that is still one of my favorites I’ve ever taken…
Baby 3 021308

Baby 021208


12 thoughts on “Photograversary?

  1. Are you shooting in RAW now? And some tips on your editing would be appreicated. I lost the link to your photo blog if you wouldn’t mind passing that on again – I would be indebted forever : -) I have been a long time reader/subscriber!!

  2. Happy anniversary! I seriously can’t believe that you started photography and started a business in one year – I’m not sure I will ever have the courage and guts to start one, and I’ve been shooting for 9 years! [sigh]

    The photos are lovely – I bet a lot of us (myself included) would love to know about how you chose to edit these.

  3. I’ve been considering shooting in RAW lately. My husband just bought me a new computer with Adobe Photoshop on it. When it gets here the computer will be dedicated to my photography habit. Thanks for posting these photos; it really helps drive home the difference between RAW and JPG. Great pics of Anja, too! She’s so cute! I love little girls.

  4. You focus manually? As in FOCUS MANUALLY? Shooting in RAW is awesome, by the way. So is shooting in manual mode.

    Seriously, you focus manually? What made you decide to start focusing manually? Obviously, you’re working it big time, but there are very few photographers who do that.

    I’m sorry, I just really can’t process anything else from this post, even the adorable photos of Anja. (Walks away from computer, mumbling. Focus… manually… how?) 🙂

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