I have needs, too, you know…

I borrowed this meme from Lori.  What you do is google your own name followed by the word “needs.”  For instance, I googled “Heidi needs.”  Then you write down the first 10 returns and your responses to them.


Heidi needed someone to love her and accepted this kind of treatment because she was so desperately trying to fill her unmet emotional needs
It’s true!  I only accept Husband’s unconditional love and offerings of cookies because I’m so desperate.  Sigh…

Heidi Needs Attention Too
Yes, so come on, people.  Give it!

Heidi Needs More Privacy, Please Respect That Photo
Don’t be sneakin’ in ma bushes, takin’ ma picture.  R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Heidi needs to finish her latest novel, and make it very very good
“Latest” implies that I have other finished novels.  Where did I hide them again?

Heidi Montag needs a gun as a toy
First off, that is not my last name.  But I’ll take a gun.  Make is a 22, because that’s about all my weak shoulder can handle.

Heidi Montag Needs to Stop
I am a little perturbed that you keep screwing up my last name, so YOU STOP.

If Heidi was going to make it in the business, she was going to need a trainer
And everyone knows if you want to win Best of Show, you have to find the TOP trainer.  Since she didn’t have fingers, dialing the number was slightly difficult for Heidi.

Heidi & Spencer Suck, Need to Shut Up
Aw, leave Spencer out of this.  I will gladly admit to my own suckiness and shut up…right after this.

Unknown designer calls Heidi Klum fat, needs glasses
‘Nuff said, because if he’s calling her fat, um…what does that make me?

Heidi Montag Needs One More Drink


That was some serious fun.  I could have done 20, or maybe 79!  Try it and let me know if you do.

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