Here’s a Thought for You

Today, almost 18 months to the day after Anja was born, is the first time I have been alone in my house since then.  Isn’t that crazy?

And it’s only for half an hour.  We got let out of work early because of the blizzard (and it has to be BAD for that to happen–we got about 4 inches in an hour and a half), and I had to stop home to change clothes (soaked from brushing off my car) and get my snowboots before the trip to daycare to pick her up.

A half hour of solitude every year and a half…is that what motherhood is really like?  My instincts tell me…yes.

4 thoughts on “Here’s a Thought for You

  1. It is much like that, yes. The last time I was alone in our house was MONTHS ago, when my dad took the Baby to the library for the morning… but then next year she starts school and I’m going to have ACRES of alone time to mope around the house in…. eeeeeek.

  2. It’s not always like that. When I was pregnant this past Fall my husband would take all four of our daughters out to the park all by himself and leave me home to nap or sew or do whatever I wanted.

  3. I’m kind of glad I read your latest post before this one because I think they go together. Some people hit the jackpot in the city and have neighbors and friends to swap babysitting or whatever. I don’t have that and obviously you don’t either. I don’t think motherhood has to be this way (a half hour every year and a half) and I don’t think it’s all that healthy because everyone needs a break…but it just is what it is and sometimes it’s hard. I’m sure when your kiddos get older, we’ll look back and think it was really great. And it is, a whole lot of the time, but breathers are good for a person. sigh…

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