18 months

Darling Anja,

At 18 months (today!), you:

  • Bite
  • Pull your socks off after every meal
  • Give very cute but patronizing hugs
  • Say many words and phrases
  • Count to three, sometimes four
  • Have a slight bit of waviness in the back of your hair, just like Mama
  • Have weaned from your paci, but still sleep with your “guys,” Douglas and Pooh
  • Have a favorite song: “Itsy Bitsy Spider”
  • Are obsessed with knocking on things
  • Sit on your potty, but you think of it as any old chair
  • Love cheese, yogurt and cookies, none of which are terribly good for you
  • Have a favorite toy: Sherman, a small beanie dog
  • Feed Sherman with a Juice Plus+ bottle filled with beans (a makeshift rattle from when you were small) and call it “milk”
  • Carry around a (old, dead cell) phone much of the time
  • Spit or shake your head no (while saying no) to protest things you don’t like
  • Have a penchant for standing on books, no matter how many times we tell you not to
  • Think it is great fun to climb on things, stand up and laugh riotously
  • Can name and point to most body parts
  • Never stop moving
  • Somehow learned how to play a CD on your CD player
  • Are attracted to TV screens even though you’re not supposed to watch them
  • Call Daddy “Dah-eee” and Mommy “Mama”
  • Like listening to music in the car, but if talk radio or books on CD are on, you cry very loudly
  • Get very wired from the smallest amount of refined sugar
  • Have an adorable smile and contagious laughter
  • Think you can say the ABCs, even though most of what you say is just random syllables
  • Bang your head on the floor or wall when you’re angry (weirdo!)
  • Have a strong will and a hearty temper
  • Love to throw and catch balls
  • Eat paper, but only when it’s business card-sized
  • Still have stranger anxiety, especially around kids
  • Are the recipient of 95% of my hugs (sorry, Husband!)
  • Have an incredible imagination

You are so special and sweet, my dear.  I want you to stay this age forever, but I can’t wait to see who you become.

    Pony 020409

    6 thoughts on “18 months

    1. Anja and Emma have a lot in common! I love that you wrote those things down for her–that will be great for her to read someday. And I LOVE that picture. The cheeks are great!

    2. Her “guys” — haha, that’s cute. Sweet little letter/list. Darling photo too, although I could say that of every photo you post of Anja.

      Sometimes I’m torn between wishing toddlerhood would never end, and being convinced that if it didn’t (eventually end) I would die of natural causes — namely, fatigue — before the age of 35.

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