Two Sentence Posts

I have had a severe lack of posting lately, partially due to the content of the article I recently posted.  Connections are good, to be sure, but am I spending so much time on them that I am losing community?  Could be, could be.  I encourage you to read the comments on that post, too, because there’s some really good stuff there.  I especially liked Gretchen’s (Lifenut) illustration.

Lack of posting leaves many drafts swimming in my head.  Since I have not the time, nor the motivation, nor the energy to write full posts of all of them, I will place them here, succinctly, in hopes that you will magically fill in the gaps and enjoy them like they were full posts.

1. After work today and after getting back from the gym I walked around on the ice on my driveway.  It was rather warm today (near 40 degrees!), and the melting has created those pleasant little ice shelves that buckle and creak under your feet; I heart them.

2. I heard someone today make the comment that those who are able to see the bigger picture, who have faith in something greater, make it through recessions and other trials in much better shape.  All I can say to that is thank You, Father, for Your grace.

3. Husband recommended a book to me today, saying it looked like something I would be very interested in (he was right, by the way), then picked it up from the library so I could read it.  Isn’t it lovely when someone knows you well?

4. Losing “those last ten pounds” is extremely hard when you really, really like baked goods.  I really, really like baked goods.

5. I stinketh.  I will go shower now.

6. I really didn’t have an entire post based on that last one.  I just needed a way to end the post, which is now rurnt.


4 thoughts on “Two Sentence Posts

  1. We almost made it to 70 today, here in Omaha! Oh, man, I need days like this to get me through the rest of winter..

    I am so glad you mentioned that book. I saw it one day on the shelf as I was leaving the library. I made a mental note to grab it next time. Well…my mental notes seem to get misplaced. Quite often. Thanks for reminding me!

  2. Let me know how you like that book–it looks great!
    I totally agree with you on #2. I know that my heavenly Father will take care of me. What’s that verse–“Who of you by worrying can add any days of your life”–or something like that. Jesus said the sparrows don’t worry about their next meal. They know they will be taken care of. As I do.
    Wonderful post–you said so much with so little!
    P.S. I really, really like baked goods too!

  3. I’m glad that #5 was not something you were going to make a full post of. It’s fun to read blog posts that make daily mundane things funny or amusing or interesting, but I think the details of your shower would fall into the “oversharing” category. 😉

    That said, I hope you’re feeling fresh and clean now. Nothing beats a shower at the end of a long day.

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