How to Reduce Impulse Buying

Here is my word of advice, which has worked well for me many times:  Allot an amount of time you think you will need to get the things on your list (make it conservative).  For the sake of illustration, we’ll say 25 minutes.  Go to the store exactly 25 minutes before closing time.  You will need to rush around to get everything on your list and not even have time to look at the things you don’t really need but are tempted by.  Hooray!

Saving you money every day (or just today),


p.s. Stay tuned for (hopefully tomorrow) some stellar wedding fashion photos.


One thought on “How to Reduce Impulse Buying

  1. Ha ha — not a bad idea! I’m guessing that you came up with this method after conducting many scientific experiments, purely for the sake of research.

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