Creative Crop

I guess I’m too late this week to enter I Heart Faces, so I will be sharing my creative crop solely with my reading audience!

Here is the before, straight out of the camera (SOOC):

Bride SOOC before

Definitely too dark, under some icky light, and there’s some random stuff showing in the background.  Now, I don’t mind the composition of this shot, but rather than just clone out those items, I think a crop can make it even better.

Bride after

I normally compose my shots how I want them in-camera, trying to use all available megapixels.  So this is a more dramatic crop than I would usually make on a photo like this.  However, here are the positives I saw of this crop and conversion:

1) The focus is more on the bride.

2) You can see more of the “character” in the floor.

3) The various lines (her arms, the angle from her legs toward head) give the photo more visual interest.

4) Even though I was able to take away a lot of the icky lighting in RAW, it still wasn’t quite the coloring I wanted on her skin.  Black & white conversion is a perfect way to fix that!


6 thoughts on “Creative Crop

  1. I like the photo much better in black and white. For me the close crop and the BW closes off the question of “what in the world is that lady doing on the floor in a wedding dress.” Instead I just focus on her face and hand, and sort of wonder what she’s thinking about.

  2. I have probably watched too many action movies, but I can’t help but think that the stains on the floor in the original picture look like blood splatter! The cropped picture is much better – is this a “real” bride? If so, how did you get her to lie down on the floor in her wedding dress? I was too terrified to even sit down on a chair!

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