And yet more photos…

to substitute for my lack of words lately…

Actually, I’m a big fan of constructive criticism, and I value your input.  I’ve looked at these images so much that my eyes sting, and having bloggy friends with a fresh perspective is great.  So thanks!

And have a good weekend!


2 thoughts on “And yet more photos…

  1. Well I wanted to leave a comment on your post from today but the comment box was missing.
    I’d sure be sad if you stopped blogging. I’ve been encouraged by your blog MANY times and had my thoughts provoked to boot!

    Maybe this isn’t the issue, but do you need to put less pressure on yourself to blog so often? What if you made it a point to just publish once or twice/week?

  2. I’m not a photog person so my first reaction is “oooh- pretty wedding pictures! I love wedding pictures!” I’ve not studied things like and perspective as they pertain to photography so I’m afraid I can’t criticize, constructively or otherwise. I see very lovely photos…

    And as for today’s post…like Bren I couldn’t get the comments to work so I’ll hold forth here. I enjoy reading your blog, but I think that’s secondary to my larger question which is why do you blog in the first place? Is it for your pleasure or for other people’s? I didn’t put up a post on my blog for 3 weeks because between being SICK as a dog and a hundred other things there just wasn’t the time or the motivation to do it. I refused to feel guilty about the lack of posts. But I blog primarily as a record for myself and later for my girls. That a few other people can and do share in it now is just an added bonus. I’m trying to increase readership, but it’s not the primary motivation for my blogging in the first place. I enjoy what I write about and the pix I post of my kids. I know that my girls will enjoy going back and reading about themselves in my voice 20 years from now. That other people may come along for the ride and enjoy it too, is a bonus for me – one that I’m interested in pursuing but not at the expense of my primary motivations.

    I’ve only been at it for three months, but I debated for about 6 months whether or not I should actually start in the first place. Why would anyone care what I had to say!? Well, there are a few very important people who do (or will!) care and it’s for them that I do it. So I also try to keep my content focused primarily on them and my original intent of the blog when I started it. I’ve had to remind myself of that a few times to stay on track – there are a few posts I could’ve written but didn’t b/c I didn’t think they followed with my commitment to blog about a fairly narrow set of topics. I blog about politics, religion, cooking, holidays, hobbies, television and personal trials but I try to keep it all focused through a single lens. It’s the only way I see, for me at least, to keep at it long term. Soory so long…hopefully that was helpful!

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