Snow Steal

This series* is from the weekend before Christmas, but I finally got it loaded and ready to go.

Snow Steal 1 122008

Snow Steal 2 122008

Snow Steal 3 122008

Run away!

Snow Steal 4 122008

Nowhere to go…
Snow Steal 5 122008

Snow Steal 6 122008

*No babies were harmed in the making of this post. In fact, that was her daddy, and here he is, teaching her to make a snowball.

Snow Steal 7 122008

See! She is quite happy!

Snow Steal 8 122008

Her mother, however, is going to go cry into her sleeve because her baby girl has grown up so much even since December! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!


7 thoughts on “Snow Steal

  1. I know, they grow too fast, don’t they? We actually woke up to snow this morning. Isn’t it funny how in December we’re so excited for snow, and in March we’re SO SO NOT?

  2. Great pictures. You have a beautiful family! You know, for some reason I cannot post a comment on your previous post. I love that you have a combination of posts that you write yourself and ones that just point people to something else. You know, if one person says something well, there isn’t too much of a point in 3 other people posting it again on their blog. A link with a comment is good at times! Anyway, I for one like your blog!

  3. So, so cute!

    The comment box didn’t show up on your previous post so I’ll write here. I totally agree about finding stuff to write on comments but less on your own actual blog. I am notorious for writing long comments on people’s blogs. Sometimes I am tempted to just copy my comments and make my own post, but then I’m scared the original poster of the topic will feel weird…or that I will feel weird. I think from now on, if I find myself in the middle of an unbelievably genius comment, I will stop, copy, paste into a new post of my own, and just link back to the original discussion. It’s like I need literal inspiration to get me going. And it’s highly annoying.

    But I’ll just keep this comment here because it’s only slightly genius. j/k

  4. oh and the funny thing is? I was going to post about the very same frustration. But you beat me to it, so you suck because now I’m plain out of ideas. he he

  5. I couldn’t leave a post on your last entry, so here it is:

    Your posts are great…I’ll keep reading! Please don’t stop.

    I read on a “how to make your blog better site” that it’s important to make sure you make a point in your posts. That if someone reads it, they won’t just find it rambling, but that they learn something.

    Just so you know, I have that idea in the back of my mine when I write my posts, but I don’t think it works!

    I just post about my family and whatever and don’t really care what other people think. I’m planning to make a coffee table book of mine with so I try not to say anything too crazy that I’ll regret in the future.

    Blogging…it’s a mystery really. We like doing it, we like readers to visit, but what really is the point? Everyone has their own reasons I guess.

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