Do you remember when potpourri was in style?  We had little crystal dishes of it around the house.  Kind of odd, if you think about it…”Let’s pour some scented oil on pieces of bark, leaves and dried flowers, bag it up and market it to middle-aged women!”  Then again, one of my husband’s college roomies used cinnamon-scented potpourri throughout “The Guys’ House.”  No one is immune to its captivating potency!


We visited my mom this past weekend.  Thank you to those of you who have continued to ask about her health.  They re-worked her chemotherapy schedule and amount (removing the one that was giving her the most side effects from her regimen), and she has had a far easier time with it as a result.  Just nine more sessions of it after today, I think.  You can do it, Mom!

We missed weather that topped 60 degrees in the Twin Cities and had to settle for the low 40s in my hometown.  I took lots of photos of the flooded fields.  We even drove through water covering the road on our way home Sunday.

Pray for those in the Red River Valley–the flooding this year is supposed to rival, if not top, the flood of 1997, which was devastating for thousands of families.  Since I’ve had people ask why that river is so prone to flooding, I decided to explain it briefly here.  The Red River of the North is one of the few rivers that flows northward.  It empties into Lake Winnipeg up in Manitoba.  As you can imagine, all the ice and debris clogs the river, since its mouth is often still frozen as the southern parts thaw.  This creates an ice dam, causing these southern parts of the river to flood quickly.  Since the land up there is so flat, a couple of inches of extra water can spread out over a very broad area, wreaking havoc on farmland and homes alike.  There have been major sandbagging efforts going on in Fargo, ND (where we used to live), and we really feel for our friends and family there who have been through this time and time again.


Husband and I have noticed that Anja often has “growth spurts” in intelligence when we travel.  I don’t know if it’s the interaction with more people that encourages new words and comprehension, or if she just uses the hours and hours in the car to think very deeply, but we always seem to notice it when we get home.  This time was no exception.

Husband had Anja for most of the day yesterday, since I was at work and taking an evening class.   It rained a lot yesterday, and he said she was looking out the balcony doors and saying, “Snow happen?  Snow happen?  Rain wash?”  He finally interpreted that she was asking, “What happened to the snow?  Did the rain wash it?”  He attempted to explain the concept of melting, which obviously she didn’t get, but even the fact that she, at 18 mos., noticed the snow is gone and that the rain had something to do with it blew me away.


Well, I have a toddler to get down for a nap, unpacking to do, and five loads of laundry to wash, so I should probably quit here.  Thank you for all your comments and emails regarding my blogging dilemma.  I have been encouraged to go on and return to the focus I once had, as well as to blog without pressure.  Both of those sound like good options to me!

3 thoughts on “Potpourri

  1. That flood really was awful, wasn’t it? I hope it turns out not to be as bad as they’re predicting.

    My husband noticed huge leaps in the LG when we got back from our trip. I even noticed a few too. It’s exciting, isn’t it?

  2. My grandma used to call it poop-a-ree. Not because she was trying to be funny, but because that is what she actually thought it was called. Every once in a while something random makes me think of those that have gone before me and smile…thanks Heidi!!

  3. I’m glad that things are a bit easier for your mom.

    I have a bowl of pot pourri in my bathroom! My son was given a box of it by my mother – she’s a teacher and kids give her just AWFUL gifts – and so he wanted to display his lovely pot pourri. The bathroom it is.

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