Sunday Sunshine 03.29.09

Thriving in the Kitchen with Kids – Read this if your kids are always hanging on your legs while you cook!

This lastest post by one of my favorite blogger ladies is very sweet.  I’m going to post the comment I left on it here for my own posterity:

He picked out a rubber snake. I love that. The imagination he is developing with his (and your) rubber snakes is worth its weight in gold (far more than $3).

I give Anja old spice tins, pieces of ribbon, and plastic pill bottles with beans inside for toys. She loves them, often much moreso than the expensive Christmas or birthday gifts with lights and sounds. A little stuffed dog that was mine in college is her current favorite companion, and he receives more than his fair share of “milk” from that pill bottle. 🙂

If you’re not already praying for baby Stellan, please visit MckMama’s site.

Last weekend, just before the major flooding started, we were up at my mom’s.  I snapped a few photos in the car as we drove.  Even though it looks like we were driving by (or through) a lake, the areas pictured here are fields where crops are grown.  And this isn’t even near the river.  We found out that two days after we went home they closed both of the main roads we would have taken to get back here because they were under water.  Keep praying for all those who have had to evacuate their homes and for those who are still there, sandbagging to save them.

Flooded fields 032009

Flooded fields 3 032009

Flooded fields 2 032009


5 thoughts on “Sunday Sunshine 03.29.09

  1. Wow – those pictures are unbelievable. We had some serious flooding here in Washington a couple of months back. It is devastating. Now we’re buried in snow again, yuck! I hope your mom wasn’t personally affected?!

  2. The flooding is terrible. We used to travel to Fargo for shopping quite a bit, and we also have friends in Bismark. (They live on a hill, thankfully.) Everyone in that area is in our prayers!

  3. Heidi! You have a wonderful blog-both of them. Question though: how has Minnesota shown itself to be mediocre? Just checking out your thoughts here. 🙂

    Have a great Sunday evening.

  4. Thanks for the link, that’s a great site! My son is the same as your daughter, his absolute favorite toys are the cleaned-out peanut butter jars. Put something in, it’s a rattle; roll it, put the lid on, etc. Why do I buy toys?! 🙂

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