Minnesota in March

The land where I grew up is loved by few.  Harsh winters, strong and never-ceasing winds, and nothing but flatness don’t make for “beauty” in most people’s minds.  But every time I return to it, I get twinges of homesickness, and I am thankful that God put me there.  Had I grown up on the ocean or in the forest or in the foothills of a great mountain chain, I don’t know that I would be able to bask in the beauty of a flat river valley and its tiny towns, each centered around a grain elevator or a beet plant.

I see beauty in the fields of golden grain, even when it’s dead.
Plains 032009

I find beauty in the shelterbelts, often the only trees for miles…
Shelter Belt 032009

…except for the occasional mavericks.
Lone Tree 032009

I find beauty in the hay bales, sometimes stacked, sometimes lined up, sometimes randomly sitting all over a field.
Hay Bales 032009

I see beauty coming at me for miles in the form of a shiny(?) semi.
Semi 032009

I see beauty in the train track that runs from Moorhead to Detroit Lakes and slowly rises on trestles.  Very old-timey.
Train 032009

I find beauty in the seed companies and beet plants, even if I don’t enjoy the smells that emanate from within.
Feed & Seed 032009

I see beauty in small-town camaraderie, local businesses’ signs cheering on the local high school sports teams.
Subway 032009

I see beauty in a main drag that looks like this (and no one thinks it’s so very bad).
Main Drag 032009

And I, of course, see beauty in the sweet baby who (for the most part) patiently endured a 5-hour car ride.
Ridin' to Grandma's 032009


11 thoughts on “Minnesota in March

  1. Those sights are all familiar ones for me! I loved the drive to Fargo–so did our train loving boys!
    Anya is so, so sweet. Those cheeks! I just want to kiss ’em!

  2. I see many of those here at home! I love to see groves or shelterbelts in full bloom in the spring, and kissed by frost in the winter.

    I cannot believe how big she is getting!

  3. Familiar to me too. I love it too, and I needed that reminder as I wait for Spring.

    (I used to work at a grain elevator. I weighed corn and soybeans to check on their moisture. uh huh, tis true.)

  4. Oh I LOVE Minnesota. Hubby and I followed a job 14 hours from MN 6 months after got married – 13 years ago. We LOVE where we live, but I truly do miss Minnesota . . . it’s a beautiful place. And the water . . . water everywhere . . . oh how I miss water 🙂

  5. That main drag looks THRIVING compared to our main drag! I would love to poke around those streets for a day.
    (and this is how Canadian I am – I’m always briefly shocked to see non-governmental stores selling liquour. SHOCKED!)

  6. I was actually a little stunned at how flat MB was when the LG and I were there in Feb/Mar, but I am SO looking forward to some sweet, sweet prairie sunsets. 🙂

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