Popsicle and a Haircut

I read a great tip online the other day about offering your child a sucker or a popsicle while you cut their hair.  Last time I trimmed Anja’s, I had Husband there to keep her occupied with a book while I sprayed and cut.  This time I was on my own, so Anja got her very first popsicle, orange-flavored.  She loved it!

Haircut 1 031809

After cut (and after popsicle):
Haircut 2 031809

After blow-dry (it frightens and delights her at the same time):
Haircut 3 031809

Haircut 4 031809

Haircut 5 031809

I decided to do a few layers this time, since she sat still for 10-15 minutes (I know!  The very thought of it makes me blank out in disbelief!), which gave her a lot more body in the back.  Most of the time they flip up around her ears, which is cute.  My hair did the same thing when I was small.  And I didn’t want her to have bangs, but until she gets older, I just decided I’m embracing them.  The side-comb thing wasn’t working terribly well with her hair, and now that I’m used to them, I quite like her teeny little bangs.  🙂


9 thoughts on “Popsicle and a Haircut

  1. Great job! Her hair looks thicker I think; there is just something about a little trim that tidies everything up, eh?

    We did the bangs once with each of our girls around the same age. It just seemed to help their hair grow out evenly. Now none of the three have bangs (but they don’t really have good hairlines for them–cowlick and swirls to the side).

    Don’t you just absolutely love the Bumbo and all it’s uses?!

  2. Oh, it’s soooo cute!

    I cut my girls’ hair too except it grows so slowly that they don’t get their hair cut until they are past 2, and then my grandma gives them all their first hair cut. Tradition is a beautiful thing.

  3. CUTE!
    We did the sucker thing with Isaac last time, but it was a disaster… we buzz his head with a trimmer, and his hair went everywhere… including all over the sucker, which ended up stuck to the sucker, the hands, and his mouth, which was not pleasant! Oh my. Good idea, but how to keep the hair off of it??

  4. Way to GO!
    I tried the sucker trick, my son decided to wave it around just as a big chunk of hair fell on it! YUCK!
    Now he’s older and can handle sitting still.
    Anja is SO cute Heid!
    You did a great job!

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