19 mos.

My darling Anja, at 19 months, you are talking more than ever.  You repeat most phrases we say, and you know the word for almost everything.  You sometimes count to 10, interjecting the number 6 at random.  And when we were at Grandma’s a few weeks ago, you said the alphabet from A through G all on your own without prompting.

The only time you sit still for longer than 5 seconds is during naptime and while you sleep.

Your favorite foods are oranges, cheese and Juice Plus+ gummies.

You manage to find trouble wherever you go, getting yourself wedged into tight situations, falling down, and touching things you know you shouldn’t.  You receive a fair amount of time-outs and spankings, but overall, you’re still a pretty good girl.

Your toys of the moment are Curious George (a gift from Grandma) and a baby stroller that I was saving for your 2nd birthday but couldn’t wait to give you after you enjoyed the strollers at Mommy’s friend’s house so much.  No matter–it cost me all of $2.48.  George and the stroller are often seen together, parked in the bathroom or near the front gate.

You remain strong-willed with a dose of Daddy’s temper.  Perhaps we can encourage you to be passionate rather than angry (Please, Lord!).

You like to help with chores, especially laundry and dusting.  You often ask for a washcloth so you can “wash” various parts of the house.

Every time you start to cry, you say “Eye…hurt…” and you rub your right eye furiously.  We assure you that it isn’t hurt and kiss it to make it better.

You are obsessed with pushing buttons, so we pacify you with the garage door button and the “play” button on your CD player.  🙂

You have 12 teeth and the sweetest, most kissable cheeks.

You have started to enjoy prayer time and will sit down on the floor of your room and say “Pray!  Pray!” until Mommy and Daddy come and join hands with you in a circle (triangle?  since there’s only 3 of us?).  During prayer you often stop and point to Mommy and Daddy’s clasped hands and say, “Pray?  Pray?” again.  We assure you that yes, it is time to pray.

You are very tall and very verbose, and are often mistaken for a 2-yr-old based on those things.  But you are still my baby, my dear little one.  You always will be.

Mouf 010909


6 thoughts on “19 mos.

  1. What a great idea to record everything on your blog like this! 🙂 I’m popping over from I Heart Faces – I’m excited to hear what you have to share with us this week!

  2. So very sweet. It’s good to write these little details down. It will amaze you to think about how much she has grown and changed when you read them in a year from now. And yet, no matter how much she grows and changes, you are right about one thing: she’ll always be your baby.

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