2009 Goals Update 04.06.09

1. Spend daily time in prayer and the Word (I used to do this no problem, but since Anja was born, my discipline in this area has slipped)
Going pretty well, though again, I would still like to set aside more time for personal prayer.

2. Read 2 photography books
Finished with one.

3. Read 1 Photoshop book
Still haven’t started it.

4. Book an average of 4 on-location sessions and 1 wedding each month
Have booked some weddings, hoping for more sessions…still. 

5. Sell our townhome and purchase a home with a $500 less per month payment
No bites yet.

6. Organize an office for myself (instead of using the dining room table…)
Still waiting for the house in which to do it.  🙂

7. Have a baby or get pregnant
Not so much.

8. Lose 10-15 lbs.
Holding steady at 2.  Sigh…my body has reached a new, fatter homeostasis, it seems.  Even some drastic changes to my workouts and virtually cutting baked goods out of my diet hasn’t budged me more than those measly two pounds.

9. Make healthier meals most nights each week (fell off the bandwagon slightly in mid-November and haven’t recovered yet)
I have some more great recipes I’ll be sharing later this week, hopefully.

10. Reduce grocery bill to $250/month (this could be the hardest one…seriously)
Ahem…STILL waiting to see what the budget reflects (Husband calculates).


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