Chick and Egg Cake Pops

After seeing a photographed step-by-step tutorial for Bakerella’s cake pops on Pioneer Woman’s site, I decided that I should give them a try.

I’ll start with the good side of this story, the photos.

I decided to go with the spring chickens, since they were (in my opinion) the cutest.  I also did some eggs.  I didn’t have any fun spring colors to shoot them in front of, so bear with my drab chipboard.  😉

They each developed their own “personality.” We have the normal chicks:
Cake Pops 1 041109

The dancing chicks:
Cake Pops 2 041109

The shy chicks:
Cake Pops 3 041109

The chicks-gone-bad-and-turned-into-a-weird-looking-guy-with-green-hair:
Cake Pops 4 041109

Some eggs that turned into Jesus (see? the crown of thorns and the blood and water from the convenient gouge in his side?):
Cake Pops 5 041109

Cake Pops 6 041109

And enjoying:
Cake Pops 7 041109

Easter Table 3 041109

Cake Pops 8 041109

The bad side is that, between Husband and myself (yes, he helped, the sweetie), I bet we logged 7 or 8 hours on these babies.  I think they’d be a great thing to do with, say, a group of pre-teen girls, where each person would decorate two or three, but to do an entire batch by ourselves was very time-consuming.  I have much more respect for Bakerella after attempting them!

7 thoughts on “Chick and Egg Cake Pops

  1. Yeah, I made the little cupcake bites. That was a lot of work, but delicious and so cute. After eating cupcake bites for two weeks straight (I made them 2 weekends in a row) I couldn’t bring myself to make any more cake balls for Easter pops. You did a great job though. They look yummy!

  2. I just attempted these this weekend, the eggs and cupcake bites, and they ARE so time consuming! I’m with you, so much more respect for Bakerella after trying these babies. Your chicks turned out absolutely adorable! Your eggs actually look like eggs…mine kind of turned out like the hen sat on them too long! Hahah! Love love the picture of the sweetie with the cake pop, make all that work worth it!

  3. I think I must be the only one, but as soon as I get to the part where you mix a whole can of plastic, er…I mean canned frosting into the cake batter, I get a little queasy.

    They are undeniably adorable, though. I had never seen the chickies before!

  4. Go, Heidi! I saw and admired them, but didn’t even think about giving them a try, cute as they are. You did a terrific job. 7-8 hours — bless your heart. I hope you did a proper amount of indulging after all that work!

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