Do you remember what it was like…

  • To get put to bed, tucked in and kissed?
  • To have your mom lay out your clothes?
  • To run through the sprinkler in the summer…for HOURS?
  • To let popsicle drip down your hand and onto your clothes and not feel very bad about it?
  • To run and run and run…just for fun?
  • To pass notes in class?
  • To have your biggest stress be a one-page homework assignment due the next day?To stay up late with friends and have no problem waking at 7:00 the next morning?  And then do the same thing the next night?
  • To not have a schedule?
  • To receive gifts with no expectation that you would ever return one?
  • To have 27 crushes on different guys all at once?
  • To go out for coffee whenever you wanted, without having to hire a babysitter?
  • To call a friend and talk for an hour without any interruptions?
  • To do only two or three loads of laundry per week?
  • To go for evening (after dark) walks or drives around your neighborhood?
  • To go to Barnes & Noble and not spend any time in the children’s section?

I would not go back, and I would not trade my life, but I am definitely one of those who enjoys the remembering…


7 thoughts on “Do you remember what it was like…

  1. Oh, I love this post. I’m making those memories you mentioned in the last paragraph, but I loved the way you worded all the memories in such a sweet way…

  2. Those were the days. Not that these days aren’t great…just miss those days sometimes. Especially when my kids make it seem like their lives are so difficult. If they only realized how easy things are compared to 20 years down the road.

  3. I actually don’t miss school in the least bit. I do miss being able to carry around my camera, notebook, pencil and a good book in a backpack wherever I go and snag some coffe and sit and read or whatever. Nowadays my backpack has diapers and wipes and crackers. HA! It’s just a season though. To have those times and memories replaced or filled with the laughter of 5 giggling cute little girls is well worth it. One of these days soon I think I’ll be able to equip my girls with a backpack of their own and we can go do that together. Now that sounds FUN!

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