Remember back in the day when Snickers was marketed as a great post-workout re-fuel?  They’d show an athlete finishing a big game or race and then pulling a Snickers out of their gym bag?  So weird.  I don’t personally think the chunks of caramelized rubber they market as “energy bars” today are any better for me than a Snickers, but what ever happened to things like “water” and “apples”?

That’s all.  I just ate a Snickers (thanks, company who brought a goodie basket!) and that crossed my mind.

5 thoughts on “Substantialicious

  1. Yes, I can still picture the commercial in my mind! “Snickers really satisfies!”

    I would totally feel like I just ruined my workout, and then maybe eat another one.

    I’ve been liking the Special K meal bars they keep stocked in the workout room at the hotel. 10 grams of protein! Yet it’s still 180 calories with a chocolate coating, so I’ve been trying to be good! 🙂

  2. I always thought it stank that during half-time at my soccer matches, we got orange slices instead of Snickers. When I’m pregnant I indulge in Dr. Pepper from the soda fountain and Snickers bars. Yum.

  3. LOL. I must have missed those ads, but the idea of a Snickers bar as a healthy post-workout choice is pretty funny. Kinda like when I found sugar cones on the breakfast/cereal shelf in our pantry the other day, and wondered to myself if ice cream was the new “Breakfast of Champions.” Heh.

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