30-day Shred Winner!

Sorry guys–I intended to post this yesterday, but our internet has been down since Wednesday.  However,  we weren’t supposed to get it back until Monday, so having it back today is a real blessing.  I can’t believe how much I rely on the web for until it’s gone for a couple of days.  I don’t have access to maps, phone #s, my accounts (for banking, etc.) or appointments (trying to find an allergist).  It’s nutso!

Anyway, on to the giveaway…I can hardly wait to announce who won this.  I’ve been consistent with doing it over the last week until yesterday because I was not feeling well.  But I plan to pick it back up tonight!


I entered numbers 1 through 27 into the Random Integer Generator, and here’s what came up:


Commenter #5 is Kelly @ Love Well, a fellow Minnesotan. Congratulations, Kelly! I’ll be expecting reports of abs of steel on your blog soon. 🙂

3 thoughts on “30-day Shred Winner!

  1. I generally try to steer away from all caps writing.

    But I’m not sure I can help it in this case, because i AM SO EXCITED! I’m looking forward to feeling the pain, especially since it’s so hard to get to the gym these days. (Someone should make an exercise video you can do while wearing a toddler.)

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