2009 Goals Update 05.09.09

1. Spend daily time in prayer and the Word (I used to do this no problem, but since Anja was born, my discipline in this area has slipped)
This one feels like a broken record…accountability, anyone? I pray often, but it is hardly ever (except for at night with Husband) a dedicated time of prayer. Maybe that’s just the way it is when you’re a mom?

2. Read 2 photography books
Finished with one. Haven’t started the other.

3. Read 1 Photoshop book
Started it!

4. Book an average of 4 on-location sessions and 1 wedding each month
Have booked some more weddings (yay!), and I’m hoping seniors and families will start coming out of the woodwork.

5. Sell our townhome and purchase a home with a $500 less per month payment
Still nothing.

6. Organize an office for myself (instead of using the dining room table…)
Still waiting for the house in which to do it. 🙂

7. Have a baby or get pregnant
Not so much.

8. Lose 10-15 lbs.
I’ve lost about 3 total. Whined on the phone to my brother about it the other night, since he’s having the same problem. Seriously, metabolism? Now is a good time to rev up!

9. Make healthier meals most nights each week
Still going well! This past week we had Pear Walnut Salad, Midwest Chowder (not so healthy, but I did cut out 1/4 lb. of cheese to make it healthier), Chicken Piccata, and Black Bean & Couscous Salad.

10. Reduce grocery bill to $250/month (this could be the hardest one…seriously)
Husband finished the budgets last week, so now I have to dig out the receipts and go over the last 4 months. Yikes!


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