Sunday Sunshine 05.10.09

Happy Mother’s Day!  Check out what’s coming out in Minnesota this week!  Buds!  I am so delighted when it starts to green up.  The weeks of dead brownness between the last snow and the thaw can be really depressing.

However, when Husband and I took our honeymoon in Florida, we kept asking each other, “Why do all the leaves look so old and lifeless?”  We realized it’s because they never drop!  The changing of the seasons is a great metaphor for what happens in life and in eternity, so thanks to God for making them, even if we dread our 7-month-long winters!

Bud 1 050509

Bud 2 050509


2 thoughts on “Sunday Sunshine 05.10.09

  1. YES!

    We had the same realization after living in San Diego for a few years. So many people’s yards looked really overgrown and … weird. We finally realized it’s because the plants never die back and have fresh new growth.

    Winters are long here. But spring is magical because of it.

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