Anja and I were in the mall running some errands the other day, and it was past lunchtime.  To get back to our car, we had to pass the food court.  I looked up and saw a Sbarro, and as I did, Anja yelled (from her stroller), “Pizza!”  This is not good if she can identify it simply by the smell…


Sunday night Husband and I were corraling Anja to check her diaper.  Upon inspection, he announced, “Anja, you have a poop in your diaper.”  Without hesitation, she shouted, “Fu**!”  Neither of us uses language like that, so we have no idea what she was referring to (“frog” often comes out sounding much like the ‘f’ word), but it was so hilarious that we both burst out laughing.


Anything funny happen to you lately?


7 thoughts on “Funnies

  1. Oh how I love funnies like this…I’m getting ready to post this one on my blog:

    The other day, Meredith (4) was picking her nose and eating it. I said, “Meredith, you need to quit eating your boogers…that’s gross!” She replies, ” I wasn’t eating my boogers, I was eating my snot!”

    …yes, that’s much less disgusting! 🙂

  2. OH my…that is so funny. Miles has thrown out the F-bomb only once and we laughed too. We just couldn’t figure out where he got it…mixing up words or something. I hope… 🙂

    And yes, when we get together next time, we should do it sans kids. You really never can finish a sentence.

    I’m going to be putting this in a Mouth of Miles post, but since you asked…the other night I was tucking him in and I smelled his head and said “you smell like outside.” And he sniffed at me and said, “you smell like backside.” Gee, thanks.

  3. Our kids made me Mother’s Day breakfast in bed on their own, since my husband had worked nights. Peanut butter and jam bread, nutella bread, strawberries, and tea with lots of cream and five spoons of sugar (gag!). Funniest though was the Mother’s Day card. A “hoops+yoyo” card that has sound:

    Front: “Who’s the one we always call when we need anything, like a peanut butter sandwich. Or socks. Or a bandage. Or a HUG?””

    Inside, with different annoying voices saying “mo–om, mama, MOM! Mom–meeee” loudly at least fifteen times and it says: It’s always you mom, always you.”

    It was so perfect and sounded so much like our family that I laughed until I got tears in my eyes.

  4. I’m laughing out loud at the diaper incident.

    When my nephew was her age, he recognized corporate logos. We’d drive near Brookdale and he’d call them out . . . Buhgeh King! Taco Bell! Bess Buy! Cuhkit City–Daddy wohk! (His dad was the store manager at Circuit City.)

  5. Otto – 2: Sit, Shirt and Church come out sounding like ‘Chit’ wich sounds alot like sh*t, he can’t say his ‘sss’ very well, making his favorite little movie ‘Lilo & B*tch’. But my new favorite…we have a cookie jar that plays the theme song from Green Acres when you open the lid and he knows most of the words…it is crazy how fast kids pick things up!!

  6. That is hilarious, especially given the context.

    “Em” has been saying some funny stuff lately too, but I can’t think of any examples right now. It’s early–the caffeine from my tea has not fully engaged my brain yet.

  7. Okay, that second story is hilarious! We have a similar problem with our LG’s favourite word being clock…only she can’t say the ‘L’. Several other words come out sounding very much like s**t which will hopefully improve by the time the inlaws get here in July.
    On the other hand, she’s actually saying words now and if we prompt her, she’ll at least attempt them once and that’s more than we can say for any time up until now so I’ll take what I can get. 🙂

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