My Mommy Heart Glows a Little

when I hear and see things from my sweet girl like I have the past couple of days (other than her dropping the f-bomb on Sunday night).


Every time she’s at daycare, she comes home with a little sheet filled out regarding her day: when she slept, when and what she ate, and a set of notes about her activities.  I always read these notes with interest, but then I recycle them with little thought.  However, I have to record an excerpt from Monday’s note for posterity.  “Anja is very good (amazingly good) at taking turns with her friends.”

Husband and I have worked so hard on teaching her to share; having some validation that it’s working is like a waft of lilac-scented breeze to my soul.  Thank you, Lord, that all the moments of frustration and discipline lead to obedience.  And may she someday do it to Your glory rather than ours!


Second, I have again noticed a leap in the sophistication of her play.  She has long been feeding her babies, putting them down for naps, and taking them for walks in the stroller.

But today, she dug a baby out of her toy bin and asked me to tie a ribbon in her hair.  Then she took her to her room and said, “Change diaper!  Change diaper!”  I just followed and observed.  She nudged the doll until she got her up on the changing pad, and then said, “Put on clothes.  Put on clothes.”  She grabbed a dress and a pair of jeans out of her own dirty laundry pile and stretched and reached until she got those securely up on top of the changing pad, too.  Promptly changing her mind, she took the clothes down and said, “Put on jammies,” and got her own pajamas out and flung them onto the table.  She couldn’t reach the doll to get her back down, so I had to step in and help, but I could’ve just sat and watched all afternoon.

The nurturing streak God has put in her amazes me.  I hope that if she becomes a mother someday, I will be there to observe and marvel at it.

Puzzle 050109


7 thoughts on “My Mommy Heart Glows a Little

  1. Awwww. That is so sweet! And she’s so little to be doing all that!

    (PS I bought the Shred today. I had to go across the bridge to the USA to get it, but I just looked at it and it looks VERY good! We’ll talk in 30 days. I’m thinking of keeping it a secret from my husband to see if he notices anything! I almost died at my first soccer game last night so we’ll see if it helps!)

  2. Heidi, don’t you ever feel guilty for posting so many breathtakingly perfect photos of your beautiful little Anja on your blog? Seriously, how do you sleep at night?

  3. That’s so cute! My daughter just carries her babies around by their hair. I’m scared of what kind of mother she will be. LOL!

  4. it’s fun, isn’t it? Seeing all this progression. The LG is all about bedtime prayers and wants to say them at naptime too. And when she sits at her little table for lunch, we bring George (the monkey) and she holds his ‘hand’ while we say grace.
    I think our girls sound like two of the sweetest out there. 🙂

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