Perhaps I should not work out more often…

Sunday I didn’t have time, Monday and Tuesday I wasn’t feeling well, and the result?  I lost 3 pounds.  I didn’t even try.  Ugh, how frustrating.

The rest of this will be a mish-mosh of negativity (indicative of my brain right now), so feel free to ignore it if you so choose.


Monday night, while feeling dreadfully ill, I went to Let’s Dish.  A very friendly person gave me a too-long orientation in the non-air-conditioned space.  Then I went about dishing my eight meals, which took me about another hour and fifteen minutes.  I left feeling like death baked in an oven.  Husband kindly put the meals in the freezer and chose two to keep in the fridge for preparation this week.  We started last night with Sweet and Spicy Cashew Chicken.  It tasted fine, but nothing special, and certainly not better than the stir-fries I make on my own.  Also, we found large chunks of cartilage (like whole shoulder sockets) in several of the chicken tenders.  That is very gag-worthy to me.  I’m pretty picky about my meat, when I do eat it. (My mom is nodding her head right now.)

So, in my efforts to save myself time and some sanity this next month, have I sacrificed the quality of my family’s meals?


I watched the Dancing with the Stars finale last night, and Gilles didn’t win, even though he was the best dancer.


I got an email back with a “signed” addendum to a wedding contract from a client this week.  Her “signature” was her name, typed into the spot indicated “signature.”  I wrote her back letting her know that this wouldn’t suffice, and could she please mail two hard copies with signatures?  So what came in the mail today?  Two hard copies, printed from the typed version.  Still no actual signature.  I could maybe excuse this if she was a dewy-skinned, 21-yr-old bride-to-be who had never seen the likes of a contract before in her life.  But she is, at my guess, at least in her 50s, and has to, has to, know that that’s not a legal document, right?

Since the wedding is this week, I will be bringing the addendum with me to the event for actual signature.  Sigh…


Wedding season starts in full force this week for me, so you may not see me ’round these parts much.  Which, after today’s post (if you can call it that), is probably not a bad thing!  🙂


4 thoughts on “Perhaps I should not work out more often…

  1. So since it’s wedding season, does this mean we get to see more of your wedding photos, ’cause I don’t really get tired of that. For a girl that didn’t hire a photographer for her wedding I sure do like wedding photos.

    And ewwww about the chicken.

  2. Sorry for the bad day. I’ve had a couple like that lately too!

    That is so frustrating about your bride. I hate it when that happens!!! You just think, “hello!! you SO know better than that!!”

    Wedding season is kicking into high gear around here, too. We’ll see you in about 4 months 🙂

  3. What you need is a personal chef, who prepares meals to your specifications with top notch ingredients, in your home, leaves them in your fridge or freezer, and cleans up after himself (this latter by itself if worth the cost ;)). Try Myron Mortell of ThymeWorks ( if you are in the TC of Minnesota or nearby Wisconsin. I tried a chef service in Seattle that delivered, and was sadly disappointed; but Myron is a GEM and has never disappointed my family.

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