A Walk in the Park

Tonight Anja and I took a little jaunt to the park.  While it was a fun outing for her, it was an education for me.  Here’s what I learned:

  1. Playground equipment isn’t just for climbing on and playing games.  It is a smoke screen where 14-yr-old girls go to make out with even younger boys.
  2. In the game of tag, what used to be called “babysitting” is now called “puppy-footing.”  At least by the seven- to nine-year-old set.
  3. Seven- to nine-year-olds cuss.  A LOT.  They even make up songs comprised primarily of cuss words.
  4. Kids still spend more time during tag discussing the rules than actually playing the game.  Thank goodness for some consistency.


Another sweet note regarding Anja’s day from our daycare provider that I want to preserve:

Anja colored with colored pencils today.  I noticed she is using her left hand a lot lately (her fork and pencils today).
One of the kids was hitting another and before I could say anything Anja said, “No hit friends!”  The kids stopped and started to play together nicely . I told Anja “good job.”  She just looked at me and went off to play—like no big deal.

Playing that scenario out in my mind has made me laugh several times.


2 thoughts on “A Walk in the Park

  1. Wow, that is interesting and sad behavior at the park! Haven’t seen too much of that here, but when we go to the park near here there are usually very few kids. I would have a hard time not saying something if I heard what you had to listen to.

    It always amazes me how young some kids are when they are allowed to go to the park without their parents. We (well, my husband with his work) are dealing with a big kidnapping/murder of a little girl here in Ontario right now so I’m hyper aware. And super sad. It’s a horrible story.

    My husband would be excited about Anja being a lefty, if she is. Not one of our four took after him!

    Have a great long weekend. We had our last week!

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