PB Grahams

I am, for whatever reason, craving comfort foods today.  Before I ate lunch, I had a hankering for Happy Joe’s pizza (from my hometown parlor).  After lunch, I was craving cupcakes with homemade brown sugar frosting, a staple in my grandparents’ home.  I settled for another, less common treat that we got at their house, peanut butter between two graham cracker halves.  The only problem was that I didn’t have any chunky peanut butter on hand.  Still, it instantly brought back floods of memories.  Taste memories are almost as strong as olfactory memories for me; here are some favorite foods associated with favorite places:

Grandma Ruby’s Kitchen:

  • Hamburger patties and fried potato patties
  • Soggy pancakes with butter and white sugar, grilled cheese made with homemade bread (Yes, these two things actually comprised a meal.  We ate it every Saturday night when we were there.)
  • Wieners (It wasn’t until I was in college that it didn’t mortify me that she called them this), beans and chips

Grandma Barb’s Kitchen:

  • Italian Spaghetti (what made it more Italian than other varieties we ate, I will never know, but it was always served with buttery garlic bread)
  • Wheatie Bars (basically Wheaties cereal covered in chocolate…that whole side of the family loves them)
  • Homemade caramels (Grandma’s have a certain taste to them)

Mom’s Kitchen:

  • Chocolate chip cookies
  • Homemade caramel rolls
  • Chicken covered with cream of something soup, cheese slices and croutons (She hasn’t made this in years, but we had it very often, especially whenever we had company.)

Bible Camp:

  • Isabel’s buns (Oh. my. goodness….I could eat a half dozen.)
  • Pudding from a can (This isn’t a pleasant memory, but a memory nonetheless.)

There are many others, I’m sure.  What taste memories do you have, and who or what do they remind you of?


      8 thoughts on “PB Grahams

      1. You’re going to make me start craving my grandmas’ cooking!

        Grandma Ellie: griffins (I’m not even sure how to spell it, but that’s how we pronounced it; I think they’re like the elephant ears you can get at the fair, but I’ve never tried an elephant ear so can’t be sure), potato dumplings cut up and scrambled with eggs.

        Grandma Bea: dried beef on toast (yes, I realize this isn’t exactly a delicacy, but she made it really yummy), chicken and biscuits, and rice pudding.

        Thanks for the memories! Not so much with the growling stomach now that I’ve been thinking about all these things. 🙂

      2. There are caramel rolls raising in the kitchen as I type. That was your brother’s request for the weekend so I am obliging! Maybe there will be some leftovers in the freezer for you next weekend. Thanks for sharing the memories.

      3. We never had sweetened cereals at our house growing up (maybe on an occasional Saturday morning) It was always a treat to have honey nut cheerioes at my grandmas whever I spent the night.

        She also made Glorified Rice Salad…I think you have to be a Lutheran from NW Minnesota to know what it is; in all the places I have lived around the US no one has ever heard of it. Yummmmmmmmmmmm

      4. My husband calls hot dogs “weiners’. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! What a good husband.
        Your post made me super hungry. Geez.
        One of my grandma’s was the most magically delicious cook EVER. Everything she made was like, Culinary Disneyland. Turned out she put heaping TABLESPOONS of MSG in EVERYTHING. Sure tasted good!

      5. Grandma Alice: goulash, bitter black coffee, weird sausages, crazy-spicy homemade dill pickles, rye bread, beer.

        Grandma Mary: sugar cookies, Russell Stover candies, jello salads, lemonade, Quik chocolate milk mix.

        I was well-covered with a salty grandma and a sugary grandma.

        My mom: tacos, brownies, crockpot roasts, perfectly grilled steaks…

      6. Aw, yes…BCBC’s pudding in a can. I also remember their fruit cocktail from a can. I was always disappointed whenever we had that for the “dessert”. Memories. 🙂

      7. French toast with butter and white sugar. That’s the only way I eat it, and the only way my mom eats it. Actually, I have another white sugar memory–my mom used to make me peanut butter and sugar sandwiches for my lunch at school!

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