21 mos.

You are growing up too quickly, sweet baby!  Pretty soon you will be 2 years old, and I don’t know how I will cope with you being such a big girl.

Polka Dot 8 052409

At 21 months, you are:

  • Getting better and better at taking care of your “babies,” from wrapping them up in their blankies when they get “tired,” feeding them both with a bottle and a spoon, and helping them play.
  • Obsessed with crayons and coloring.  You got a new set from Grandma last weekend, and you rarely are seen without at least one of them and a coloring book.  You can name all the colors!
  • Still very tall for your age.  And you are finally starting to wear clothing that fits your age, sizes 18-24 months, and even the occasional 2T!  Your face seems to change daily, getting more grown up all the time.
  • Have a great preference for berries, especially strawberries and blueberries.
  • Climbing on everything, but have yet to attempt to climb out of your crib.
  • Singing little “songs” all the time.  The most prevalent themes in your songs are Mommy, Daddy, Dump Trucks (?), and Falling in the Water.
  • Almost done with your first round of swimming lessons.  You weren’t afraid, except you can’t stand getting your face wet, even in the bathtub.  We’ll keep working on that this summer.
  • Interested in all things outdoors, to the point of throwing tantrums when we can’t go play outside or have a walk in the “toller” (stroller).
  • Consistently saying hello and goodbye to every individual you can name.  When we leave a time with family, you specifically go around the room and say, “Bye, Grandma.  Bye, Grandpa.  Bye, Auntie.  Bye, Uncle.” and so on until everyone is covered.  Very sweet.
  • Much more ready to give hugs on your own.  In fact, Daddy and I probably each receive at least 5 unsolicited hugs a day.  We love it!

Polka Dot 6 052409


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