Maybe my husband is weird…

But for real, do men want things that make them have to do work for Father’s Day?  Everywhere I look, there are grilling sets and tools and lawnmowers ($$!).  What says “I love you” more than a lawnmower?  “Now get to work, Daddy!”

Or…there are polos and ties and madras plaid bermudas.  Anja’s daddy also doesn’t care for clothes.

I remember giving my dad golf balls almost every year.  He loved golfing, so it made sense.  Golfing wasn’t a chore for him.  There was the occasional tie or stupid mug (he didn’t even drink coffee), and always a handmade card, but never work-related items.  Is it just me, or wouldn’t that be the equivalent of a mommy getting a set of frying pans or a new blender?  “Now get cooking, Mom!”

Thankfully, I already know what I’m getting him this year (though he regularly reads my blog so I won’t post it here until after Father’s Day), but what about next year?  A video game?  Pint glasses?  Or do I succumb to the pressure and buy him a drill?

How about your husbands?  Like I said, maybe my husband is just weird in not wanting all the items mentioned in the sale ads.


6 thoughts on “Maybe my husband is weird…

  1. hehe. My husband told me years ago: “Clothes are NOT a gift.”

    I don’t think I took him seriously at first. But after more than a couple times of taking everything back, I’ve learned.

    So, maybe your husband is weird. But he’s not unique in that weirdness. 😉

    Happy weekend to you all!

  2. The hubs is getting this fender blanket thing so he can lean over the trucks when he’s working on them and not get burned or otherwise injured on hot/sharp car bits. Yes, it’s for chores, but I think he invents mechanical issues on our vehicles just so he can go out and work on them! Which, when I think about it would be much like me looking for blender recipes to try out just so I could use my new blender! I guess I’m weird too. He’s also getting a DVD of a photo montage put to music that’s nothing but him and the girls. Should be good times!

  3. Since my husband isn’t a dad I don’t need to get him anything. But I still have to get two things–one for my dad, and one for my step-dad. My dad’s getting a package from Omaha Steaks, and my step-dad is getting a cool flashlight.

    The thing that gets me is the cards–they’re either about bodily functions, sitting around watching TV, or some lame chore. Portraying Dad as a lazy, slobbering, dufus. What is up with that?

  4. My dad always gets his own present off e-bay and then tells me how much I owe him for his present. It’s weird, but it works. For my hubby, there’s usually a video game or a book that he wants, so I get him that. He does a much better job with me for Mother’s Day than I do for him on Father’s Day!

  5. My husband will take any power tool available as a gift. Actually, any tool. If he can fix or create stuff with it, he likes it.

    Clothes…not so much. When he got out of the military and could actually wear a tie and button-up shirt to work I spent the next four holidays/birthdays buying him ties and shirts. I got it out of my system though. I’m better now.

    I never know what to get him.

  6. I just read Jeromy this post and he said, “If I want a tool, I’m going to go out and buy the one I want, not the one some ad thinks I want.”


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