My Daddy Taught Me:

  • How to golf.
  • To mix my peanut butter and honey together on my toast so the honey wouldn’t drip off the edge.
  • How to ride a bike.
  • To apologize to my brother even when I didn’t want to.
  • How to play basketball.
  • The patience it takes to build something.
  • How to catch and throw a baseball.
  • To have a listening ear and a kind word for everyone.
  • How to bat that same baseball (though I started with a whiffle ball).  🙂
  • To strive for fair play and teamwork.
  • How to be a gracious loser.
  • To always do my best.
  • To not be afraid to show emotion.
  • How to drive a four-wheeler, a snowmobile and a motorcycle.
  • How to love unconditionally.
  • That loving Jesus is a journey.

Father’s Day is a hard day for me.

I have vivid memories of my dad cheering (and coaching) from the sidelines of my sporting events, misting up at my piano recitals, and telling me how proud he was after every report card.  I am sad that my children won’t get to experience that same support that I know he would have shown them.

Miss you and love you, Daddy.

Dad n me


10 thoughts on “My Daddy Taught Me:

  1. Great minds think alike :-).

    Actually I saw your very touching post this morning and was immediately inspired to make such a list. Thank you!

    I’m so very sorry your Dad is not here “in the skin” to read your list today.

  2. It sounds like your Dad was a wonderful man. I’m sorry he’s gone.

    I hope your husband had a wonderful Father’s Day.


  3. I love this post-now that I am sobbing like a baby!

    Uncle Gee brought out the best in all of us and I truly miss Him each and everyday!


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