After a week of Mom…

What do you do?  My mom has been visiting this week, spoiling us with dinner out, fresh-baked cookies (even though she can’t eat them!), and shopping.  We took Anja to the zoo this morning, and then she was off to visit her brother.

Then I took a nap.  🙂

It makes me sad, but I’m so tired these days that any amount of morning activity sets me up well for an hour of dozing in the afternoon.  I don’t remember ever being this tired when I carried Anja!  Also, I’m up 4 or 5 times a night (piddling), and I think I was only up 1-2 times a night with her.  Crazy.

I figure if I get pregnant again and this keeps progressing, next time around I might as well just sleep all day and wear Depends!

Well, my baby is up from her nap earlier than planned, so I’m off again.  Hope you all enjoy your weekends–it’s hot outside!


3 thoughts on “After a week of Mom…

  1. The hot, humid weather is enough to make anyone tired, let alone being pregnant. Glad that your mom came and spoiled you! Sounds like you needed it!
    Hopefully after 12 weeks or so (or maybe after the summer) you won’t be so tired and have to get up so many times, until maybe the last trimester again. 🙂

  2. I remember being very tired with #2 also. I think it’s the added bonus of taking care of #1! Take those naps, don’t feel guilty, you need them!

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