Little Moufs

What is it about my baby’s mouth that I could stare at for hours?

The juvenile way she formulates words (and non-words) intoxicates me.

One day a couple of weeks ago, when The Nausea was peaking, I laid on the living room couch, unable to do much else. Anja approached me with a small piece of paper she had pilfered from who-knows-where. “Fowd it…fowd it,” she said, crumpling the paper on each edge. “Just a wittew tiny bit, a wittew tiny bit.” This went on, the play-by-play of folding, for a good ten minutes.  I savored every second of it, every repeated word, storing them up in my heart.

There will be a time when that mouth sasses more than I’m able to handle, and I will (hopefully) look back to these times when I watched my baby’s sweet, pouty lips, putting on shiny, new words, anxious to please her mama with each of them.

Lips 061309

Bet you thought I’d broken my camera, eh? I realize it’s been a loooooong time since I posted photos on my blog. Hopefully I will remedy that, because I love me a post with pictures. But I have to finish my work for clients first, sadly (but gladly at the same time!).

Anja, 23 months

I refuse to acknowledge that less than a month from now you will be two.  Nope, just a very tall, very smart one-year-old you will be forever.

Yet here I am, celebrating your 23 months of life.  You are:

  • Incredibly tall for your age, still.  Several times lately you’ve been mistaken for an almost-3-yr-old.  You can reach the light switches in our house, a responsibility that 23 months cannot handle.  Showers in the dark are not my favorite thing.
  • Very interested in babying your puppy (actually, MY puppy) Sherman.  He has his own special blanket that we dare not leave out of the crib at naptime, or you cry on his behalf.
  • Impetuous.  Not always, because you still have your sweet moments, but often you act rashly, boldly, and headstrongly.  Your daddy was like this, and sometimes I wonder (aloud to him) what I have done to deserve his payback.  J
  • Identifying more numbers and letters.  A and B still remain your favorites, as well as the number 5.
  • Constantly drawing.  You get out your crayons multiple times every day, and have nearly depleted our scratch paper supply (note to self: bring some home from my recycling bin at work).  Your drawings have a very distinct quality to them—I could pick them out easily among other toddler drawings.  You favor your red crayon, black being a distant second. You still taste your crayons occasionally, evidenced by color stuck to your teeth (doh!).  And when you use your coloring books, everyone gets a black or brown face.  Why, I do not know.  When you get bored making your own drawings, you bring your paper or book to Mommy or Daddy and implore, “Draw circle?  Draw triangle?  Draw heart?” until we have satisfactorily filled the page with shapes.  I love your little quirks.
  • Not a very good help in the kitchen.  You like to throw things and put onions (whole ones) where they don’t belong.  I don’t expect much from 23 months, though, so don’t feel too badly.  You may never care to cook, and that’s okay, too.
  • Can sing quite a few songs to the point that one can identify what they are.  Sometimes songs bleed into each other, becoming a medley: “Farmer take a wife, farmer take a wife, hi ho, farmer take a mommy, mommy on the bus goes ‘I love you, I love you, I love you,’ all through the town, Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the weerld…” and so on.  I think it is so precious when you make up your own words, such as “The daddies on the bus go ‘shh shh shh’.”  Haha!
  • Liking to take off your own bibs.  We have a conversation many times daily about how Mommy and Daddy decide when the bibs should come off, but it has yet to do any good.  You have stained some of my favorite shirts of yours, you little booger!
  • Increasingly affectionate.  Mommy, Daddy and Baby P never tire of your kisses!

Feeling the Love

We camped this past weekend with some friends.  One of the guys has been going on a lot of dates recently, and he told us that most of his male co-workers, even the married ones, said they were jealous of him getting to date a lot of women.

Without hesitation, Husband piped up, “I’m not jealous.”  He was not mocking our friend or making light of his situation in any way, but went on, “I’m just so glad I met Heidi when I did and that I never had to date other women.”

He has no idea how much that little statement meant to me.  He’s said it to me many times, and even to friends on other occasions, but for some reason, this time it made a greater impact on me.  I know that God has given us to each other, weaknesses and strengths there to complement one another.  Husband is not going anywhere.  He loves me the way God made me, and he wants me to be more and more like Christ.  I love you, Honey, and I’m glad God brought us together.

Francie Pants

I’ve been reading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn the last two days, and though I haven’t gotten terribly far into it, I’m really enjoying it.  Reading about Francie’s lifestyle makes me A) long for a simpler life and B) thankful for my complicated life at the same time, if that’s possible.

Other summer reads have included Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier (good!), Neither Here nor There by Bill Bryson (hilarious but quite raunchy at times),  and two pregnancy books I read last time around, The Pregnancy Book by Dr. Bill and Martha Sears and Your Pregnancy Week by Week by Glade Curtis and Judith Schuler (recommend them for expecting mothers).

What have you been reading this summer?

Popcorn “pops” even more inside your belly…

Or at least, it sure feels like it!  I just made this phenomenal (and easy!) kettle corn for the second time this month, and ate probably 4 cups of it.  Ouch!  That’s hard for an already-squished belly to take.  But Joy’s right…it’s like an addictive drug.

Tip: Don’t use old kernels.  We bought new before we made it a second time and they popped up SO much lighter and fluffier.


Pregnant rant: Why is it that, when I tell people I’ve popped a lot earlier with this baby than I did with Anja, they feel compelled to console me with, “Oh, I don’t think you’re even showing…”  That is NOT comforting, people!  At 14 weeks, I’ve gained 8 pounds, and a lot of it is in my hinder and my thighs, just like last time, but my belly is already far enough out that I have resorted to maternity skirts (no pants yet…still using my Bella Bands and waiting it out) for comfort, and most of my normal shirts are a smidge too tight to be appropriate.  So to gain 6 inches in the waist and be told I’m not showing…that’s just an insult to how I looked before.  I was not this fat!  I swear!  End rant.  The hormones, they made me do it.

Sunday Sunshine 07.19.09

This week’s Sunshine is straight from the mouth of my daughter (yes, I know this gets old to some of you, but I’m sure my mom eats it up…).

1. I served her some strawberry yogurt Saturday, and she’s used to plain.  I don’t know if it was because it was pink or if she was just trying out a new word, but when I set it on her tray she said, “Oh, wow…fancy!”

2. Husband was tucking her in and helping her find Sherman’s (her toy puppy’s) blanket (Yes, he has his own.  It was one of her receiving blankets as a newborn.).  She wrapped him up in it and said, “Nice and warm.”  Husband asked, “Oh, is it cold in here?”  She replied, “No, it’s windy.”

A beautiful, 63 degree day in July

Seriously, Minnesota?  I always tell myself that since I complain on the cold end of the spectrum, I am not allowed to complain when it’s pushing 100.  Well…this July we haven’t even had a day that has topped 90 yet.  What is UP?  Please, Lord, send a little heat.

Husband and I had dentist appointments this morning.  My teeth and gums are squeaky clean (thanks to my regimen of regular brushing, flossing and Juice Plus+!).  Anja and I were planning to walk around Centennial Lakes (love that place!) afterward, but it was super windy and the temp was barely 60.  So we stopped by the Mall of America instead and tooled around the Nickelodeon-themed park in the middle.  Even though I will thoroughly enjoy accompanying Anja on rides when she’s older (especially the spinny ones), I am thankful that she’s at the age where she doesn’t really care whether she goes on them.  She’s happy just to give play-by-play: “Look!  Up and down, roun’ and roun’ it goes.  Oooooooh!”  *happy shrieks, kicking legs*

It’s so delightful for me to watch her enjoying herself.  The common expression “living through the eyes of your child” describes my experience exactly.  Everything is new and exciting and fun.  Sponge Bob happened to be making an appearance at the MOA.  We have never watched Sponge Bob, and Anja has no clue who he is, but suddenly we found ourselves coloring a picture for him and waiting in line to give him a hug and the picture.

We interrupt this naptime post to report a silly baby moment.  She was letting out little yelps, so I went into her room to check on her.  She had emptied all her bedding and stuffed animals out of her crib and gotten her shirt half-off, so the sleeves were still on her arms but the front of her shirt was stretched up over her head, stuck.  “Neck hurt!” she said as I helped her fix it.  What a weirdo.

I stopped to look at maternity clothes a few places, but none of the fall stuff was on sale yet.  We got some lunch at Qdoba and shared, then we walked some more.

Even though our plans changed, we still had a great time together.  Now I’m going to take a nap myself.  🙂

Price My Space

The Nester is having a little Price My Space thing over at her blog (actually she posted it Sunday night, I’m just late to the party because it’s been One of Those Weeks).  Normally, my house does NOT look this clean/uncluttered.  We were staging it for pictures for selling, but it provides a clean canvas for my little numbers and this fun project.  Check out everyone else’s spaces, too. There are some fabulous decorators out there!

Here’s my entry, part of my living/dining room:


1. End table comprised of a $10 rummage sale suitcase and a 1/2 price basket from Michaels at $24.

2. Set of two wicker chairs from Pier 1, meant to be indoor/outdoor for our deck and living room, around $200 for the pair plus cushions.  The pillows were freebies I stole from my mom, who didn’t like them (they came with her sofa).

3. White coffee table I couldn’t live without, purchased from my favorite furniture store in Fargo, ND, Funky Junque, for $150.  I’ve had it for two years now, and I still love it.

4.  Probably our biggest investment piece, a leather couch from HOM Furniture, coming in at $1100.  We hope it will last at least 10-15 years.  I like it because it’s comfy and durable yet doesn’t have the untailored “stomach roll” look of some leather couches.

5.  The softest of soft pillows (whose life has been rubbed out of them–they’re like the family pets) also from HOM, for $20 each.

6. This is where it starts getting sickening.  Cute green sewing cabinet, free, gift from my mom.

7. Old, but in perfect condition, pecan wood dining table (expands to be HUGE, seats 14!) and chairs (in not-very-good condition), free, from Husband’s grandmother’s home after she passed away.

8. Beautiful antique china cabinet with curved glass, free, from my grandmother’s home after she passed away.  Full of gorgeous antique china and American Sweetheart depression glass my other grandma collected for me since I was a child and gave to me as a wedding gift.  This is the “Anja, don’t you dare touch anything” zone.

9.  Wood bookcase, free, also from Husband’s grandma’s place.

10. Hot-glued and upholstery clipped “curtains,” about $40 total for fabric and hardware.  There’s another one at the opposite end of the room that can’t be seen.  Idea stolen for free from The Nester.  🙂

11. In the area you can’t see is a big, comfy green armchair we got in the discount section at HOM for $300, a little plant stand, free, from my mom, my grandparents’ piano, free, and a big honking balustrade hung on the wall, $75 from Funky Junque.

I have a new dining table, a custom-made harvest table that hopefully will be everything I’ve ever dreamed of, coming this fall, and that will add $850 to the mix (VERY reasonable price considering the quality of the piece and that I got to pick my size, my finishes, and all the details), so if I’m honest and add that, my grand total for living and dining rooms combined is: $2,789.  To me, that’s not a bad total considering we have several heirloom-quality pieces plus two major investments.

This set of rooms is where we have spent most of our money.  The rest of the house, combined, probably cost us about $450 combined (more if you count Husband’s electronics), because we have received so many hand-me-downs, incredible gifts, and have picked up quite a bit of curbside stuff and salvaged it.