Anja, 22 mos.

As I write this, you are in the middle of one of your I-don’t-want-to-go-to-bed meltdowns with Daddy, a recent trend.  Here are some other notables about this month:

  • You are becoming increasingly affectionate.  We get hugs all the time, and now kisses and snuggles, for no reason we can decipher other than you might be figuring out that you like it.
  • Your temper tantrums are becoming more frequent and more strong by the day (twos, I am NOT ready for you!).
  • You still love to color, and you highly favor your red crayon.
  • You have figured out how to let yourself into and out of the screen door to the deck, so Mommy has to keep a pretty close eye on you.
  • You love kissing the baby in Mommy’s tummy already.  I show you pictures in my pregnancy books, and you legitimately seem to understand that there’s a baby growing in me.  I didn’t really expect that.
  • You are bored with all your puzzles because you can put them all together in under a minute.
  • We think you’re about to hit another growth spurt, because you’ve been teething and fussy and eating like crazy.  When Grandma was here, she couldn’t believe how much food you can put away.
  • You love going down any slide at any park at which we stop.  Mommy and Daddy get good work-outs climbing after you on the play structures.
  • You are starting to make your stuffed animals interact with each other, carrying on conversations.
  • We leave your fake cell phone (one of our old ones) in the cupholder of your carseat, and almost every car trip, you are “on the phone” the entire time, giving play-by-play of the scenery.  Yeah, basically, you talk non-stop all the time.
  • One of my favorite things to watch you do is “read” to yourself.  You really grasp the storyline; I can pick up words here and there that match what is actually written on the page.  Your daycare provider has noticed the same thing when you “read” her books.

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