Price My Space

The Nester is having a little Price My Space thing over at her blog (actually she posted it Sunday night, I’m just late to the party because it’s been One of Those Weeks).  Normally, my house does NOT look this clean/uncluttered.  We were staging it for pictures for selling, but it provides a clean canvas for my little numbers and this fun project.  Check out everyone else’s spaces, too. There are some fabulous decorators out there!

Here’s my entry, part of my living/dining room:


1. End table comprised of a $10 rummage sale suitcase and a 1/2 price basket from Michaels at $24.

2. Set of two wicker chairs from Pier 1, meant to be indoor/outdoor for our deck and living room, around $200 for the pair plus cushions.  The pillows were freebies I stole from my mom, who didn’t like them (they came with her sofa).

3. White coffee table I couldn’t live without, purchased from my favorite furniture store in Fargo, ND, Funky Junque, for $150.  I’ve had it for two years now, and I still love it.

4.  Probably our biggest investment piece, a leather couch from HOM Furniture, coming in at $1100.  We hope it will last at least 10-15 years.  I like it because it’s comfy and durable yet doesn’t have the untailored “stomach roll” look of some leather couches.

5.  The softest of soft pillows (whose life has been rubbed out of them–they’re like the family pets) also from HOM, for $20 each.

6. This is where it starts getting sickening.  Cute green sewing cabinet, free, gift from my mom.

7. Old, but in perfect condition, pecan wood dining table (expands to be HUGE, seats 14!) and chairs (in not-very-good condition), free, from Husband’s grandmother’s home after she passed away.

8. Beautiful antique china cabinet with curved glass, free, from my grandmother’s home after she passed away.  Full of gorgeous antique china and American Sweetheart depression glass my other grandma collected for me since I was a child and gave to me as a wedding gift.  This is the “Anja, don’t you dare touch anything” zone.

9.  Wood bookcase, free, also from Husband’s grandma’s place.

10. Hot-glued and upholstery clipped “curtains,” about $40 total for fabric and hardware.  There’s another one at the opposite end of the room that can’t be seen.  Idea stolen for free from The Nester.  🙂

11. In the area you can’t see is a big, comfy green armchair we got in the discount section at HOM for $300, a little plant stand, free, from my mom, my grandparents’ piano, free, and a big honking balustrade hung on the wall, $75 from Funky Junque.

I have a new dining table, a custom-made harvest table that hopefully will be everything I’ve ever dreamed of, coming this fall, and that will add $850 to the mix (VERY reasonable price considering the quality of the piece and that I got to pick my size, my finishes, and all the details), so if I’m honest and add that, my grand total for living and dining rooms combined is: $2,789.  To me, that’s not a bad total considering we have several heirloom-quality pieces plus two major investments.

This set of rooms is where we have spent most of our money.  The rest of the house, combined, probably cost us about $450 combined (more if you count Husband’s electronics), because we have received so many hand-me-downs, incredible gifts, and have picked up quite a bit of curbside stuff and salvaged it.

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