Sunday Sunshine 07.19.09

This week’s Sunshine is straight from the mouth of my daughter (yes, I know this gets old to some of you, but I’m sure my mom eats it up…).

1. I served her some strawberry yogurt Saturday, and she’s used to plain.  I don’t know if it was because it was pink or if she was just trying out a new word, but when I set it on her tray she said, “Oh, wow…fancy!”

2. Husband was tucking her in and helping her find Sherman’s (her toy puppy’s) blanket (Yes, he has his own.  It was one of her receiving blankets as a newborn.).  She wrapped him up in it and said, “Nice and warm.”  Husband asked, “Oh, is it cold in here?”  She replied, “No, it’s windy.”

7 thoughts on “Sunday Sunshine 07.19.09

  1. I wish you could have come yesterday! I knew your email was not on the list, but I was holding out hope that your smiley face would pop through the door! I guess I will have to make another trip up just to meet you! DARN! HEHEHEHE

  2. I love it when kids use new words! My newest favorite new word of Ottos (because there are so many!) is ‘lippelly’ Because he can’t say slippery, this is as close as he gets! Thanks for sharing, keep em coming! I hope to one day meet your daughter and hear these words in person!

  3. Fancy yogurt, hey? That’s funny.

    We learned over the weekend that she doesn’t like fans at all. We were sitting in a restaurant and the fan was above and behind her. She kept complaining until we put the hood of my jacket on her. She ate the rest of her meal in her ‘tent.’ 🙂

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