Francie Pants

I’ve been reading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn the last two days, and though I haven’t gotten terribly far into it, I’m really enjoying it.  Reading about Francie’s lifestyle makes me A) long for a simpler life and B) thankful for my complicated life at the same time, if that’s possible.

Other summer reads have included Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier (good!), Neither Here nor There by Bill Bryson (hilarious but quite raunchy at times),  and two pregnancy books I read last time around, The Pregnancy Book by Dr. Bill and Martha Sears and Your Pregnancy Week by Week by Glade Curtis and Judith Schuler (recommend them for expecting mothers).

What have you been reading this summer?

5 thoughts on “Francie Pants

  1. I’ve started reading some Karen Kingsbury books–really good reads. Right now I’m reading STori Telling by Tori Spelling. (Say that three times fast.) It’s a fun read–I love reality, and I was a big 90210 buff. I like to keep it light in the summer.

  2. Rebecca creeped me out to no end when I read it long ago. I’ve recently enjoying the Yada Yada Prayer Group series, as well as books by Kristen Billerbeck.

  3. I’m trying to catch up on the Sisterchicks series by Robin Jones Gunn. I’m in the middle of Sisterchicks go Ooh La La! I just finished Marlee Matlin’s autobiography. Trying to do all that and fit in some parenting books like Last Child in the Woods and The Purpose of Boys (since I have two of them – they need more purpose in life than annoying each other. 🙂

  4. I too have been reading Karen Kingsbury books this summera along with Dare to Discipline and The Strong Willed Child by Dr Dobson.

  5. Let’s see. I’ve read Wives & Daughters (Gaskell); North & South (Gaskell); Glenn Beck’s Common Sense (Glenn Beck, obviously); Inkheart (Cornelia Funke)–wasn’t too impressed; and I’m getting ready to read Liberty and Tyranny (Mark Levin, I think?). There were a few others in there, but my brain needs rebooting (aka 8 hours of sleep) before I’ll be able to remember what they were.

    I actually had Rebecca (the book, not an individual) out from the library earlier this summer, but didn’t get a chance to read it. Looked interesting, though, and I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying it. 🙂

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