Feeling the Love

We camped this past weekend with some friends.  One of the guys has been going on a lot of dates recently, and he told us that most of his male co-workers, even the married ones, said they were jealous of him getting to date a lot of women.

Without hesitation, Husband piped up, “I’m not jealous.”  He was not mocking our friend or making light of his situation in any way, but went on, “I’m just so glad I met Heidi when I did and that I never had to date other women.”

He has no idea how much that little statement meant to me.  He’s said it to me many times, and even to friends on other occasions, but for some reason, this time it made a greater impact on me.  I know that God has given us to each other, weaknesses and strengths there to complement one another.  Husband is not going anywhere.  He loves me the way God made me, and he wants me to be more and more like Christ.  I love you, Honey, and I’m glad God brought us together.


4 thoughts on “Feeling the Love

  1. Your post could not have come at better time! I was just wondering if my husband and I were the only happily married couple left in the world! I just received an email from yet another close friend who said that she and her husband were most likely filing for divorce. Thanks for reassuring me that not everyone is getting divorced right now!

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