Little Moufs

What is it about my baby’s mouth that I could stare at for hours?

The juvenile way she formulates words (and non-words) intoxicates me.

One day a couple of weeks ago, when The Nausea was peaking, I laid on the living room couch, unable to do much else. Anja approached me with a small piece of paper she had pilfered from who-knows-where. “Fowd it…fowd it,” she said, crumpling the paper on each edge. “Just a wittew tiny bit, a wittew tiny bit.” This went on, the play-by-play of folding, for a good ten minutes.  I savored every second of it, every repeated word, storing them up in my heart.

There will be a time when that mouth sasses more than I’m able to handle, and I will (hopefully) look back to these times when I watched my baby’s sweet, pouty lips, putting on shiny, new words, anxious to please her mama with each of them.

Lips 061309

Bet you thought I’d broken my camera, eh? I realize it’s been a loooooong time since I posted photos on my blog. Hopefully I will remedy that, because I love me a post with pictures. But I have to finish my work for clients first, sadly (but gladly at the same time!).

8 thoughts on “Little Moufs

  1. Heidi, this is so sweet! I love the word “wittew.” Hope you’re feeling better. Praying for you! Have a great day! 🙂

  2. I heartily agree! I love the way Emma says, “Taint tew!” (Thank you, if you don’t speak her language…) Wouldn’t it be nice if they could stay this age forever? Without the tantrums, of course.

  3. This post makes me sad 😦 My first daughter now sasses a little more than I’d like. Though there are still some extremely funny things that she says, she’s got the attitude of a full-blown 3 year old! Guess I’ll have to wait for the cute words of my second daughter.

  4. I have a 5 year old boy and an almost 3 year old girl. There is a whole lot of sass to be had lately. I so miss those 1 year old words, thank you for reminding me that that piece of them is still there.


  5. congrats on the pregnancy. i’m sorry about the nausea, i’m there with you. including the almost two year old telling me wonderfully cute observations about the phone book she was reading. love the baby chatter!

  6. I’m sure you have, but just in case…be sure to capture her talking on some sort of recording device! There really is very little sweeter than toddler-speak…and almost-two speak!

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