Sunday Sunshine 08.16.09

Good gravy, this mommy is creative.  She must never sleep!

Speaking of creative mommies, here is a very compelling post (and discussion following in the comments) about living simply.  I would love love love to hear your response to it.

Freebies for Photoshop and Vector.

A beauty of a post from Aunt Ruthie.

I’ve long been a fan of Caroline Tran’s work, but this wedding stood out to me because of the incredible attention to detail.  The bride did a fabulous job of putting it all together, and Caroline did her usual stellar job of photographing everything.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Sunshine 08.16.09

  1. HI!!! Thank you.

    Just browsed your photo stream and your work is filled with such beauty. I can’t wait to go back and look more! That Tortilla Pie and EASTER table… so delightful.

    I love your title– Sunday Sunshine… I’m going to FREEBIES next!

    Great to meet you! :):)

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