Summer Boredom

Even though my daughter is a little young for some of these activities, this is the type of stuff I log away in my brain for later.  End-of-summer boredom is setting in for lots of kids, and instead of plunking them in front of the tube, try these ideas!

On a more personal note, I feel like a balloon.  I’ve received confirmation from most mommies that they got bigger faster the second time around (pregnancy), but seriously?  If I’m this big now, how will my skin have room for 5 more months?  Did it slow down so at the end you were around the same size, or will I be twice the size I was last time?


6 thoughts on “Summer Boredom

  1. I popped very early with #2. I gained almost half of my pregnancy weight during the first 4 months, tapering off the last 5. Altogether though, I gained LESS during the 2nd pregnancy. Odd how it works, but trust your body:)

  2. Totally agree with mommymonkey. I got huge with #2 sooo fast. I stopped growing so much around month 5 and again at month 7. I gained 9 pounds less for #2. Just roll with it! Everyone’s different!

  3. I totally agree with the other 2! I grew much faster with #2 and #3 but ended up with about the same size babies and weight gain. Good luck. Winter is on it’s way – at least you won’t feel like your burning from the inside out soon : -) (or at least that was me – soooo hot when I was pregnant!)

  4. Don’t worry, you will slow down in your growth. I was just slightly bigger with my second but I also carried her very differently too. I managed two pregnancies without ANY stretch marks (except on my chest but those are always covered anyway-please don’t hate me!). Somehow my body managed to stretch just fine. It’s the snapping back that’s MUCH harder this time!

  5. I think I ended up gaining only 2 or 3 more pounds than last time but the stomach flab appears to be sticking around longer. (boo!) I’m sure it will level off after a while….when you get to the time when you just can’t down one more bite! 🙂

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