Labor Day

And I will be spending it laboring, just like yesterday and the day before.  Thankfully, it’s labor I love

However, this morning I got to take a “break” to go to a local flea market and pick up our new dining table* (pictures to come soon?  we’ll see…), and help Husband carry it up our 16 stairs and over the top of the baby gate (did I mention it’s solid wood and 40″ x 80″?).  So your prayers for the safety of my unborn child are appreciated.  Though I still lift weights at the gym on a regular basis, I don’t usually quite strain myself to this degree.  🙂

Then we pulled together a yummy lunch of grilled T-bone steaks, the best corn on the cob ever (we have a place near our home that grows and sells their own), and roasted potatoes.  I’m hoping to find time to make some zucchini bread later.  I’m not ready for summer to be over!!!

*If anyone local (Twin Cities area) is interested in buying our old dining table, here’s a picture.  Make an offer!  It extends from 68″ to 104″ with the leaves, seating 12 comfortably and 14 if you squeeze.  It’s made of solid pecan (rare), from the 1960s, and still in great condition.  It has served us very well, but is just not our “style”.  We’ll throw in 4 chairs and the pads for protecting the top for free!

table 3


2 thoughts on “Labor Day

  1. Congrats on the new table, I love good finds! Don’t lift anything over 25 lbs!! There, I got my mothering thing out of the way, lol. Have you thought about putting your old set on craigslist? I sold a lot of stuff in the Cities that way before we left.


  2. Can’t wait to see a pic of the new table! 😉 We actually need a new dining room table, too. Ours is an indoor/outdoor, round, white, hideous thing that we use for nothing more than piles.

    BUT we also need a real couch and oversize chair (we are living so ghetto right now) a queen bed (the full got old like the 2nd week of our marriage), and rugs galore throughout the house. And let’s not even go into pieces like crib, changing table…

    I want your flea market – why does furniture have to be SO expensive?!

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