Spanish is…

I asked Anja what she wanted for snack tonight.  She started strongly and then trailed off, “Cereal, Spanish, cupcakes…”

She has used “Spanish” to describe things before, and I’ve never understood where she picked up the word or what it means to her.  I inquired, “Anja, what does ‘Spanish’ mean?”

“Spanish mean…counting…on your fingers,” was the enthusiastic reply.  But she wasn’t finished.  “Spanish mean…confirmation.”  She then repeated that last line a few times, as if trying to convince herself.

Now I have two mysteries on my mind: where she learned about Spanish, and how on earth she learned to correctly pronounce confirmation!

One thought on “Spanish is…

  1. Don’t you wish you could get into their heads sometimes and figure out what’s going on? I always feel that way with my newborns, and then again when they first start talking well and can finally express what they’ve been thinking. I spend a lot of time saying, “Huh??”

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