More Fair Pics

Contrary to what it sounded like, we did actually do some things at the Fair besides eat.

Anja gawked at some rides on the Midway.  She loves anything that spins and goes up high.


She also got to experience her first ride at a fair: the carousel. She chose a very rickety goat.  I don’t think I’d ever ridden a carousel A) while pregnant or B) standing and facing outward.  Round-and-round rides don’t usually bother me; I got queasy this time.


Once Anja realized she could actually ride the rides and not just watch, however, she became assertive, asking if she could go on everything we passed. Thankfully she was pacified with promises of “next time,” even though that concept doesn’t sit well with her age group.

At one point, we actually got her to fall asleep, and we used the better part of an hour to peruse the art submissions, which are always a treat.


I also spent a little of the time being a dork.


The bands in the afternoon parade woke her, and we continued on with our eating, animal-viewing, and people-watching. A day well-spent.

4 thoughts on “More Fair Pics

  1. Sounds like fun! (Except for the part where the carousel ride made you queasy.) Anja looks like such a big girl sitting on the rickety goat.

    By the way, that bottom photo of you as the Mona Lisa just screams future profile picture. 😀

  2. I glanced at the Mona Lisa photo and for a half of a half of a split second I thought it was ME. Sorry if you’re totally offended. You look like yourself. It was just for a half of a half!!!! 🙂 Yes, I was all confused for that moment…

    We had so much fun at the fair too. I really do love the food SO MUCH.

    P.S. I will def keep my ears open AND ask my friends questions about strollers.

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