The Birthday Party

September is quietly one-third over, and I, knee-deep in other processing duties, haven’t had time to touch my daughter’s birthday photos until today.

We kept it simple again this year, a light meal shared with family.  Her theme was Circles, since she’s very into shapes right now.  We planned most of the food and decorations around this theme: meat and cheese buns (homemade by Grandma!), grapes and banana slices, veggies and dip, chips, and cupcakes.

082909 Birthday 8

082909 Birthday 9

082909 Birthday 10

Circle decorations, for the most part: lanterns, balloons, flowers, a new “Happy Birthday Anja” birthday banner (thanks, Daddy, for all your time meticulously cutting out letters!).

082909 Birthday 1

082909 Birthday 2

082909 Birthday 3

082909 Birthday 4

082909 Birthday 5

Anja was spoiled rotten (again!) with all her gifts.  The last one she opened was a little play kitchen.  She immediately started cooking and astounds me with her continued talent for it.  She must pay much closer attention to Mama when she cooks/bakes than I realized!  Another favorite is her vacuum cleaner.  I know this passion for cleaning and cooking probably won’t last into her pre-teens, but I intend to take advantage of it while I can!  🙂

082909 Birthday 6

082909 Birthday 7

Hope you enjoy being two, dearie!

6 thoughts on “The Birthday Party

  1. That looks great–I love parties that are fun and meaningful, yet not over the top like some. Anja is the one who shines! Looks like it was a wonderful time. We just did a “polka dot” theme for our daughter’s 10th–great minds think alike!

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