Sunday Sunshine 09.13.09

Contrary to last time, This Is Why You’re Thin.  Thanks, tranabanana, for the link!

The mother in me cries when I read these posts, but the Christ-lover in me acts.  There are so many great organizations out there who help these sweet, needy children.  Are you supporting one?

5 Grammar Mistakes That Make You Sound Like A Chimp – I’m sure I’m guilty of some of these!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Sunshine 09.13.09

  1. It seems wrong to read about grammar mistakes after reading the article about the children in Africa, doesn’t it? My heart breaks from that second link…Just one more thing to make me long for Jesus to come quickly.

  2. I found Kisses from Katie, oh a few weeks ago probably, and it totally moved me to tears too! Glad you enjoyed “This is Why You’re Thin!” Oh, and I loved your fair pics. We had talked about going this year but never ended up making it. Oh well…maybe we can brave it with the girls next year! 🙂

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