“Baby Eating the Mommy?”

That was Anja’s question when she saw a picture of a baby breastfeeding in a book Husband read to her tonight.  Ha ha!  He quickly explained that, no, the baby was getting milk from the mommy, not eating her.  Oh, little minds!

And that will probably be my post of the week.

12 thoughts on ““Baby Eating the Mommy?”

  1. I heard once that a mom’s toddler started crying when she saw her nursing the new baby…turns out she didn’t WANT her new sibling to “eat mommy all up”. Aw! So sad and yet so funny!

    Good thing you’re clarifying that for Anja now…

  2. I agree it’s a great idea to get Anja used to the idea. Some toddlers do not like watching the baby nurse.

    The cutest thing, ever, is when toddlers grab their own dolls or stuffed animals and nurse, too. Even my boys did it as little guys.

  3. Oh my goodness. That’s so funny.

    It reminded me of when my nephew was four and my sister (his mom) was pregnant. He noticed her belly was bigger for the first time and she explained why. It suddenly clicked that there was an actual baby in there. He got really close to her face and whispered, “Mommy…why did you EAT a baby???”

    Poor guy. Terrifying. Makes for the best story though 🙂

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