Happy Halloween 2009!

This was the first year Anja went trick-or-treating, and she enjoyed herself immensely.  She loved her costume (a candy corn, in case you can’t figure it out), and has had it on several times prior to Halloween.


She would say “Trick or Treat” about 15 times before each person would get to the door, and then when they opened it, she had to be coaxed to say anything.  But as soon as they put something in her little bag, she would do a happy dance and say, “Thank you.  Happy Halloween!”  Fairly charming, if you ask me.

We just went up and down our street, but she had quite a haul when we got home.  That turned out to be a good thing, since we ran out of candy at our own door and actually had to give a piece of hers away!  Here she is with her bag, pleased to pieces.


And though Grandma has already seen this outfit, here’s a little shirt I got her at Old Navy.


Excuse the cheesy smile (grimace?).  That’s about all we get from her in front of a camera these days.  🙂

Sunday Sunshine 10.25.09

My best friend from college is here visiting from California right now–what better sunshine than that?

Also, here’s a great article that really sums up my view on simplicity.  Doing something yourself (canning, quilting, building a bookshelf, etc.) is not necessarily “simpler.”  It can be cheaper, more fulfilling, better for you, and so on, but simple, by its definition, is “not complicated” or “easy to understand, deal with, use, etc.”  So, release yourself from the pressure to be “the perfect mom” or “the perfect husband” by allowing yourself to buy laundry detergent or preserves or hire out that painting job if you don’t have time.  I sure won’t hold it against you OR say that you don’t live the “simple lifestyle”!


Here’s some stuff I had in a draft for two weeks ago–oops!  That’s okay, it’s still relevant and good!

Antique Mommy’s 10 Commandments of Entertaining.  Read them, practice them.  Preaching to myself here.

The Nester is doing a series on “Dressing Your Nest,” and I really liked this post about defining the purpose of your home.  Makes the rest so much more simple, doesn’t it?

Something Trippy

Have any of you ever watched The Wiggles?  A sweet co-worker passed along a few DVDs to us a few months ago and we watched one of them with Anja this week.  Wow, that is some weird stuff.  It’s like the proverbial train wreck (so awful you can’t look away).  I can’t believe they’re the highest grossing entertainment group in all of Australia!

I think my cold has gone to my brain, because I have nothing better to offer than this pathetic observation.  Hoping the fluids and rest will do me good by tomorrow!

Sunday Sunshine 10.04.09

Gack!  September is a goner!  But it produced some lovely things, including this post by Beck.  She is, I think, and at risk of offending others whom I like so much, my favorite mommy blog.  Almost every post she puts together resonates with my mother heart, the dissonance between holding on and letting go.  Mothers never achieve that balance perfectly, do we?

If (more like when) I decide to paint furniture, this is where I will go for reference.  Her dining set looks amazing!  Maybe I should’ve done that instead of order the new table and chairs.  Mmm…nope.