Something Trippy

Have any of you ever watched The Wiggles?  A sweet co-worker passed along a few DVDs to us a few months ago and we watched one of them with Anja this week.  Wow, that is some weird stuff.  It’s like the proverbial train wreck (so awful you can’t look away).  I can’t believe they’re the highest grossing entertainment group in all of Australia!

I think my cold has gone to my brain, because I have nothing better to offer than this pathetic observation.  Hoping the fluids and rest will do me good by tomorrow!


7 thoughts on “Something Trippy

  1. Aw… I loved the Wiggles. Yes… weird stuff, but the songs are very catchy and it’s honest to goodness non-damaging to your kids – at least, it wasn’t to my kids! 😉

  2. Hehehehe! My older daughter was addicted to the Wiggles! We actually took her to see them LIVE! In Concert! When I was about 12 months pregnant with her sister. It was the most fun afternoon, even if she did fall asleep 17 minutes into it. (She was 2). The funny part was watching all the parents sing along with all the songs – they knew every word! I’m embarrassed to admit I could probably pull off most of “TootToot ChuggaChugga” even today! Her sister will watch them too, but only occasionally…not the way Amy did! In a sad sort of way, I almost miss them!

  3. I can remember the Wiggles days. Rebecca is not as big as a fan as she used to be.
    I saw your picture on MckMama’s website! She posted two of you and one of them is the two of you. You are so lucky! I wish we lived closer to the frozen tundra. We hit that area in July and only your neighbor to the east…La Crosse, WI.

  4. The Wiggles are great – for the kids! Their songs are super catchy and their DVDs from the last couple years are great – Pop Go the Wiggles and Sing a Song of Wiggles are ALL nursery rhymes, so it’s a great way to teach your kids those! We’ve been to their concert twice. And I agree with Gretchen – Yo Gabba Gabba is much more weird. MUCH more!

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