Sunday Sunshine 10.25.09

My best friend from college is here visiting from California right now–what better sunshine than that?

Also, here’s a great article that really sums up my view on simplicity.  Doing something yourself (canning, quilting, building a bookshelf, etc.) is not necessarily “simpler.”  It can be cheaper, more fulfilling, better for you, and so on, but simple, by its definition, is “not complicated” or “easy to understand, deal with, use, etc.”  So, release yourself from the pressure to be “the perfect mom” or “the perfect husband” by allowing yourself to buy laundry detergent or preserves or hire out that painting job if you don’t have time.  I sure won’t hold it against you OR say that you don’t live the “simple lifestyle”!


Here’s some stuff I had in a draft for two weeks ago–oops!  That’s okay, it’s still relevant and good!

Antique Mommy’s 10 Commandments of Entertaining.  Read them, practice them.  Preaching to myself here.

The Nester is doing a series on “Dressing Your Nest,” and I really liked this post about defining the purpose of your home.  Makes the rest so much more simple, doesn’t it?

3 thoughts on “Sunday Sunshine 10.25.09

  1. my best friend from college lives in california, too! oh, i miss her.

    thanks so much for posting the link to the nesting place. i’ve never been to her site before and i have now spent way too much time looking at all of it! some really great ideas.

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